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Your monthly and annual donations help YGB to sustain and grow our programs in India, empowering more than 2400 women and children annually with microloans and education funds.

As a way to thank you for joining YGB's donation program, we offer a one of a kind video library of over 150 yoga, asana, mindfulness, mantra, kirtan, and fun cultural sessions, all donated by YGB’s generous Global Ambassadors and supporters. 

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When you become a Yoga Gives Back Donor, you will join a circle of giving and receive access to YGB's one-of-a-kind video library of Yoga, Mantra, Meditation, Kirtan, and More. 

YOGA empowers you, 

YOU empower women and children in India, 

the Motherland of YOGA. 


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Donate $108 or become a monthly donor to empower 2400 women and children in India with microloans and education. Donors receive complimentary access to over 100 yoga, meditation, music, and special sessions donated by YGB Ambassadors and Supporters!