A Global Gathering for India

Meet the Artists & Teachers

Day 2 Includes

Riley Skye, USA
Joan Condall, SPAIN
Paul Dallaghan, THAILAND
Selda Goodwin, SPAIN
Francesca Regal, PHILIPPINES
Jack Harrison, IRELAND
Anne Malone, UK
John De Kadt, USA
Sherrie Howard & Mark Kelso, USA
Spring Groove, USA
Christina Sangita, GERMANY
Ana Forrest & Jose Calarco, USA
Kevin James, AUSTRALIA
Hiroyuki Matsuhisa, JAPAN
Jack Kornfield and Trudy Goodman, USA
Deva Premal & Miten, USA
Manose, NEPAL
Saul David Raye, USA
Govindas & Radha, USA
Seane Corn, USA
Joey Lugassy, USA
Joss Jaffe, USA
Suzanne Sterling, USA
Dave Stringer, USA
YGB team, Thank you and Closing


A Global Gathering for India

Enjoy this replay of over 100 music, mantra, meditation and movement sessions donated for a A GLOBAL GATHERING FOR INDIA Charity Fundraiser. Yoga Gives Back is grateful for the first-ever gathering of 100+ artists, leaders and teachers from the music, spiritual and yoga world coming together to express their gratitude and support women and children in India during this COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Thank you to Daphne Tse, YGB Global Ambassador and Musician, who personally reached out to the presenters around the world and co-produced this event. See all contributors, sponsors, and artists: https://yogagivesback.org/benefit-for-india/

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